Secure Parenting, Inc.

We asked parents, "What changes did you notice in your toddler or yourself as a result of participating in Secure Parenting classes?" Here's how they responded:

"My child is more secure and independent. He understands that his needs will be met even if it might take a little while"

"I have gained confidence in my parenting, which in turn has given my child a sense of security"

"I am able to better understand my child and he is able to communicate his feelings in a calm manner"

"More empathy from me increased my toddler's empathy towards others. Our relationship is much stronger now. Went from a 7 to a 10 on a 1-10 scale."

"I feel more confident in handling disruptions. My toddler is better able to identify her emotion and recover"

"I feel a much stronger connection to my daughter. Understanding the concept of rupture and repair has been very beneficial to me"

"I am more aware of how I respond to my children in both good and unpleasant situations"

"When my toddler is validated at the time of a major meltdown, it is easier for me to calm her down to get my point across"

"(My toddler) is more connected to me. I have been taking it slower and not screaming as much"

"You connected very high level mental models to techniques on how to apply to our children perfectly. Keep teaching! Thank you!"

"My patience and my understanding for my toddler are definitely better. I don't beat myself (up) about causing rupture anymore. Instead, I focus on repair and my toddler's response to this is amazing"

"Increased awareness of my own, my children and partners thinking. More communication, trust, patience, calmness and happiness."

"I became more aware of how to troubleshoot when emotional flooding occurs with real-life strategies"

"I found a way to be more empathetic to (my toddler's) needs and desires in certain moments"

"Toddler: learning to identify emotions with words; never really talked about before. Myself: I learned to become more understanding of other kids/toddlers."

"(My toddler) has been able to bounce back from hard situations much more quickly"

"I gained more insight into this world which helped me empathize and elicit more cooperation from the kids and even my husband"

"Became more in tune with each other's needs. Gained better understanding of child's behavior."