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We are hard at work editing the curriculum, creating videos, fundraising, writing the book and submitting the manuscript for publication! We are hoping our next class series (8-weeks, 2 hours per week) will begin Fall/Winter 2017/2018.

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Secure Parenting – An Emotion-Focused, Attachment-Based Parenting Program for Parents and Toddlers

Are you exhausted from parenting your toddler? Based on the latest research in brain development, this groundbreaking program offers parents of toddlers ages 20-40 months preventative practices to guide toddlers in their emotional development, providing a solid foundation for a child's sense of worth. Parents learn how to strengthen the connection with their toddlers, which creates positive, measurable, lasting change in their lives. Created by Certified Parent Educator Karen E. Purves, M.A., this practical, respectful program seeks to measurably improve children's emotional competence, behavior and reduce parenting stress as well as improve the closeness of parent-child relationships.

For the graduates in our pilot study, our statistical pre-post analysis/measurement showed:

1. significant improvements, including increased emotion-coaching behaviors of parents, improved parental sense of competence, and progress in how parents perceive their toddlers' challenging behavior

2. results also showed significant decreases in parent use of emotion-dismissing behaviors

During the class series, the parent attends the first 90 mins in a Parent Ed group while their 2/3 year old is under the care of child minders in another room; then toddlers join the Parent group the last 30 mins. Space is limited to 15 parents and 15 toddlers per class.

For more information, call 702-724-4912, email or CLICK HERE to register your interest.

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Class Benefits


Normally the 8-week series for Parent and Toddler will be $300 per pair. However, since we are pilot testing this program (one of the first times it’s being offered to the public) you will be able to participate in the class series for NO CHARGE. What we ask in exchange for this opportunity is for you to fill out several pre- and post-questionnaires (Parent only) and also for your commitment to the 8-week series (not drop out unless due to emergency). We also will be open to your suggestions and recommendations for improving the program so your voice matters! To register your interest, click here.

Parent Testimonials

We'll have this up after the conclusion of the pilot classes in March. Stay tuned...